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Top 5 Sub-Omh E-Juice Brands

The world of vaping offers many tricks and techniques to vape users. One of these is sub-ohm vaping. This process involves more vapor, creating much larger clouds. This is done by user an atomizer that has a resistance level somewhere under 1 ohm. For this process, you would need a device that was high-powered. The process allows more electrical currency to run through the device, since reducing the resistance increases the need for power.

Of course, you can use almost any e-liquid in your device. But, if you’re looking to create massive clouds, you’re going to want to narrow down your selection. So, we’re going to look at top e liquid brands for sub-ohm vaping.

VaporfiOn every single list, you will see one common name: Velvet Vapors. This is a company that provides a wide range of e-liquids, including multiple options when it comes to the blend of VG/PG. That is the best part of Velvet Vapors – the ability to select what you need. They even off a selection of organic e-liquids for those who want to be conscious of what they’re vaping. Their flavor selection is broad as well, providing enough options that something is bound to tickle your taste buds. Although their flavors are more basic than premium, they are still high quality and worth the purchase.

Charlie Noble is another company that knows exactly what their customers are looking for. While they have a wide selection of flavors that are generally a great buy, they have a specific set designed for sub-ohm vaping as well. This means you don’t need to find a flavor with the right PG/VG blend. You just have to look for their selection. They offer a great variety of flavors as well, often gaining recognition for the sweeter flavors, like Good Cookie and PB Cereal. They have other flavors, even a simple tobacco as well, all available for sub-ohm vaping. The best part is that their flavors are rich and developed. You’ll be pleased with your selection.E-Juices

Everyone who knows a bit about the vaping Universe has heard of the company Vaporfi. They are one of the most recognized providers of e-liquids, mostly because of their high quality flavors. But, what is even better is that they also have an off-brand called Vaporfi Reserve and another called Vaporfi Grand Reserve. The reserve collections are designed with high VG content, making them ideal for cloud vaping and sub-ohm vaping as well. These flavors are also rich and there is quite the variety to choose from.

Another good selection is Black Ops. You won’t find them as highly rated as other companies, but you will find their products do what you want them to. Now, Black Ops is a rather special company in general. The profit of these e-liquids goes straight to the Vape-a-Vet Project, which helps to support veterans of the military. The flavors reflect the five branches of the US government. If that’s not enough to earn your support, the bottles are also made of mostly recycled materials. So, you’re being conscious about the environment, your own body and the bodies of those who have ensured freedom. It’s a great deal when you look at it that way. The flavors themselves are delicious, though might be an acquired taste.

Finally, Cosmic Fog takes the final placement. Although they also offer high quality e-liquids, they don’t offer a very wide selection. In fact, there are only 6 flavors to choose from: Nuts, Milk and Honey, Cola Gummy, Church, The Shocker and Kryptonite. These e-liquids come in a 50/50 blend, making them great for use with sub-ohm vaping. However, with such a limited selection, they have still managed to make quite the name for themselves. Especially when it comes to cloud vaping as well!

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